Top 8 Underrated Cyberpunk Anime From 80’s And Early 90’s!

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  • 00:05 The video discusses old-school cyberpunk anime from the 80s and early 90s, delving into the mature themes and deep storytelling often found in Japanese anime.
  • 00:30 Anime has explored various genres, with cyberpunk being a popular one due to its focus on high tech and low life themes.
  • 01:16 Ad Police (1990) is highlighted as a masterpiece in cyberpunk anime, set in a futuristic society dealing with artificial human entities gone wrong.
  • 02:14 Angel Cop (1989) is discussed, featuring a futuristic Japan facing a terrorist threat and a strong villain character.
  • 03:30 Megazone 23 (1985) is mentioned, focusing on the fear of realizing that one’s society is an illusion.
  • 04:49 Metal Skin Panic Madox 01 (1987) is highlighted for its conflict between artificial intelligence and humans.
  • 06:04 Blackmagic M-66 (1987) is discussed for its narrative involving murderous combat androids and thrilling action scenes.
  • 07:34 Wicked City (1987) is mentioned for its story about parallel universes and maintaining a balance between two worlds.
  • 08:48 Armitage 3 (1995) is highlighted for its plot involving mysteries, illegal android manufacturing, and action scenes.
  • 09:44 Geno Cyber (1994) is discussed, focusing on the disruption of peace by privatized armies and the creation of a powerful force combining psychic powers and cybernetics.

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