Sherlock Holmes Sucks at Deduction

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If you do not know who Pete Holmes is, he is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster known for his distinctive blend of observational humor and personal anecdotes. He’s recognized for his clean and friendly comedic style, often exploring topics like relationships, religion, and everyday life with a playful and upbeat delivery. Holmes has also hosted a popular podcast called …

Fallout 3 in a Nutshell

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So after many months I’m back… Still alive. Also this thumbnail was made by ☢️ Twitter —► ☢️ Discord –► ☢️ Patreon –► Game: ???? Fallout 3… 🙁

Sam Hyde’s 20 minute Cowboy Commercial

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Sam Hyde is a comedian, writer, and performer who gained notoriety for his controversial brand of humor. He is best known for his appearances on various comedy shows and his viral videos, which often feature what some would call provocative content. Hyde’s work has been met with both praise and criticism, with some people finding his humor to be insightful …