All of Us Are Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

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“All of us will die. There is no hope.” The school turned into a bloody battleground and our friends into worst enemies. Who will make it out alive? Will you kill Or let yourself be killed School’s out for the Apocalypse All of Us Are Dead | Coming January 28, only on Netflix.


I think this series falls incredibly flat in terms of acting and writing. The series breaks down into different subplots, one occurs at a high school, the other follows a police officer attempting to recover the cure for the virus, and the third follows an EMS tech trying to get to his daughter. The B and C plots are actually better than the main school plot. The acting of the young adults in this series is incredibly sub par and the writing draws up some rather cringe moments at times. The story is also not very consistent from how the zeds react to how they behave, which makes watching this just plain messy and confusing. This is certainly a DO NOT RECOMMEND from me.

And if you have not seen it Train to Busan is an excellent film as well.

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