Enclave Fix Direct3D Error Fix

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Recently decided to play enclave and ran into some initialization errors on the Steam version. Here is a potential fix, open the environment.cfg file from your local enclave installation directory. Then simply edit the following line:






Once initialized change the resolution via the native game settings to whatever option you may need.


It is playable via a controller via whichever controller mapping tool one may choose to use, but the native keyboard binds work just as effectively.

W Key: move forward
S Key: move backward
A Key: move left
D Key: move right
C Key: crouch
Spacebar: jump
Q Key: next weapon
Shift + Q Keys: previous weapon
E Key: next item
Shift + E Keys: previous item
Right Mouse Button: use item
Left Mouse Button: attack
F Key: drink health potion
G Key: cycle camera
Arrow Keys: navigate menus and options
Enter Key: confirm menu selection

This is certainly one of those old school games that are still enjoyable today. Certainly worth picking up during a Steam sale.

Source: Steam Forum Thread

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